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Hello, JYS Family

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

We are finally uploading an instructional video for all color belts and Black Belts.

Please, use member tab from our home page to sign up and access all pages(Curriculum & Forum)

We will approve your request shortly after you sign up.

After getting approved, you will be able to access the "Forum" page where you can view commitment posts for students to follow from home and the  "Curriculum page" 


There will be a reward to encourage our students to participate in commitment posts that we make. In order to receive reward points they will have to record videos of their home training during the Quarantine home and share them.

This can be done by posting their videos. Please read how to submit below

We are looking forward to viewing your video and we will be happy to give you any feedback and instruction for improvement.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Sign up for access to all pages from "member" tab.

2. Wait shortly for us to approve your sign-up request.

3. Click on our member tab and sign in to view the JYS Main post(Forum)  and its commitment post.

4. "Curriculum" page to practice your curriculum as much as you can

5. Participate in the commitment post (We will update our commitment posts regularly, So please stay connected)

6. Record your practice (your video does not have to be perfect! Just enjoy your practice)

7. Submit your video using one of these methods:

    -on Facebook or Instagram and tag @jystaekwondo

    -Post them directly on our website's Student posts (sub-category of Forum)

8. Use our live chat box to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Click the link above!

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