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Tape System & Testing Requirements:


1. Each color belt has a curriculum that is divided into different colored tapes.


2. Students earn their tapes as they demonstrate proficiency and knowledge in their current belt's techniques.


3. As students earn their belt's required tapes on their belt, they get closer to testing for next belt level,

especially if they have been attending classes on a regular basis.


4. If the student has shown excellence in their current curriculum and attended required amount of classes, their masters may deem eligible to test for the next belt level.

NEW JYS 가로형 (스트라입) Green.png

Kicking Combo

NEW JYS 가로형 (스트라입) Red.png


NEW JYS 가로형 (스트라입) Blue.png


NEW JYS 가로형 (스트라입) Black.png

Breaking/ Gymnastics

Color Belt Handbook
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